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Corrupt Judges, Prosecutors & Lawyers in Mallorca Persecute British man

"The root of corruption is incompetence, for only the incompetent need to be corrupt. - La raiz de la corrupcion es la incompetencia, porque solo los incompetentes necesitan ser corruptas!"

News update : British Citizen's lawyer triples fees & trys to sell client's house!

Francisco Jose Ramis Ripoll, Mallorquin, is a greedy man by all measures, but asking his client for final payment in "black", without an invoice, and then tripling his fees in anger when the client refuses, is just unacceptable by any decent standards!

In this video we read what happened, and hear an undercover recording between British client and Mallorquin lawyer which shows the sad and worrying state of the Spanish legal system in Mallorca.


Final sentence! British Citizen free! view here

Sadly for such a beautiful island, Mallorca is rife with deep-seated corruption, and here at this site you can see what happened to a British citizen in a hearing in a Mallorcan Court in May of 2011, in which the Mallorquin Judge, Magdalena Ferrete Sol, said that she did not care if he was unable to read an illegible hand-written document that the Judge herself had insisted he sign. This same judge later even refused to give a copy of the document to this British defendant! The British man (RC, who is a fellow of the Royal Society for Arts), after winning cases against local Mallorquin businessmen who had been threatening him with endless, costly and false litigation if he didnt hand over his business to them, had been falsely accussed (as even this same judge later was forced to confirm) by his own Mallorquin lawyer Francisco Ramis Ripoll of "stealing" fees that the lawyer had claimed were not just due, but his own patrimony, and as such, non payment was a "theft", to which the Mallorquin Prosecutor, who refused to give his name in Court, decided to have the British man arrested by Spanish National Police and threatened with 3-years imprisonment!  The fact that the British defendant had complained about his lawyer, stating deliberate and prolonged delays and failure to progress his case during 4-years , was of "no interest" to the Malloquin justice officials.  RC had already been arrested, fingerprinted and photographed by the National Police following a Court request to obtain his address, in which they had only to telephone him, but preferred to have him "processed".

Corrupt Spanish Judge Magdalena Ferrete Sol

Above, the Judge says "its his problem, if he can not read the document!" "Es su problema si el no puede leer el documento".

The Spanish Congress approved a Charter of Citizens Rights in 2002 in which it states that all Judges, Prosecutors and other Court staff must ensure that all citizens appearing before Courts understand the procedures, yet Judge Ferrete Sol believes that she is above Congress, and can disregard Citizens rights!

The Charter states clearly:-

 "32. Foreign immigrants in Spain are entitled to adequate protection by the Administration of Justice in order to ensure they understand the meaning and legal significance of the proceedings involved in any cause.
The judges, courts and prosecutors shall at all times ensure the fulfillment of this right. "
  Full text in Spanish.  To translate any text click here

This judge was reported to the CJGP, the judicial authority in Spain that handles complaints against judges, yet they refused to acknowldge the violation of the British man's rights by the judge as specified by the Rights of Citizens Charter and in the Constitution.  He was informed he had the right to appeal to a higher complaints office in Madrid, and on doing so, was informed "You may get a reply within 6 months, if no reply is issued, you may send the complaint again."!

It is not this one incident in which this Judge showed impatience, intolerance and disregard to the right to a fair defence, she went on in a later hearing to reject his evidence, tape recordings of his lawyer, Xisco Ramis, pressurising his British client to pay in cash without having to produce an invoice, so the solicitor could avoid tax, and worse still, at the end of the case, although having to acknowledge that there was no case against the British man whatsoever, the Judge refused to make the Spanish lawyer pay the British defendants costs, saying that Xisco Ramis hadn't tried to have the British man imprisoned on a false charge for 3 years out of "bad faith".  However, this same lawyer went on to appealed the judges decision, again increasing the legal costs of the British man.

Judicial Scandal

The British man (RC) had approached local Mallorquin lawyers for his defence, but they had all asked for up front fees of thousands of Euros. Initially he appointed a local lawyer, but later this same lawyer "forgot" to advise the British defendant of the hearing until just 3 days beforehand, at which time he demanded nearly 3,000 euros in cash.  RC went to the British Consul Paul Abrey for advice, and was told to report his lawyer and find a replacement.  Spanish friends on the mainland then recommended a Madrid lawyer, Javier Perez Roldan, who asked for fees some 70% lower than his Mallorquin counterparts. After the case, which Mr. Perez won, he stated that the case should never have been brought to trial, and was a judicial scandal.

It is this and other issues that show that the Spanish legal system at least in Mallorca is utterly corrupted and cannot be trusted.

Spain is not like other European countries, and democracy in Spain still exists only in name, and every change of government brings with it a wave of sackings of all the chiefs of the Police, Armed forces and of course the Courts, to be replaced by often non-professionals who are friends of the current political party.

Click here to see the video of this hearing in a Spanish Court in Mallorca. (Other videos: "Corrupción en Mallorca" - el video - in Spanish:- )

Esasperated Judge Ferrete

Above, Judge Magdalena Ferrete Sol looks to the ceiling in frustration at the request to turn-on the Courts video recorder equipment, which is a requirenment under Spanish law that the judge had forgotten.

Judge has no time to type or translate illegible document British man forced toi sign

Here above, Judge Ferrete Sol throws here hands up saying to the British defendant, "All of you out!  We have other cases!"  The British defendant had only asked that an illegible document the Judge insisted he signed by type up in Spanish, but the Judge refused.

Click here to see the video of the above hearing in a Spanish Court in Mallorca.

Spanish prosecutors illegaly refusing to be named in a corrupt case against a Britishman

Spanish prosecutors in Mallorca afraid to be named for their involvement in very corrupt cases against a British citizen who suffered false multi million euro injunctions and demands made by Mallorca businessmen such as Miguel de Arriba (hotel owner), Francisco Marin (hotel owner and President of the Playa de Palma Hotel Association), and Pedro Quintana, their account, and ex-military officier.

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